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We're Dylam
Brand Profile
Dylam Jewelry Group has a professional production factory,millions of stocks,a strong sales team,a trendy design team,and composition of dedicated logistical team.They are all energetic young people with professional service capabilities and are committed to helping entrepreneurs create their first fortune.
Factory Introduction
Dylam Jewelry Group is a company specializing in the production of high-quality jewelry,with a number of experienced jewelry craftsmen and professional production equipment (CNN cutting machines, 3D printers, CNC machines, etc.),We are obsessed with product quality control to meet customers' different business needs for product procurement, product customization, etc.
Advanced Management System
Dylam Jewelry Group has independently developed a MES system and an online shopping mall system dedicated to the jewelry industry.Omit the need for communication,choose your favorite product in the mall and place an order yourself,just hand over the purchase code to the sales consultant to complete the purchase process.At the same time, the MES system provides a strong guarantee for your product production, quality, sales, transportation and after-sales.
Free Images
We have set up a professional team of photographers to provide professional commercial white background pictures and model pictures for each product,as well as real pictures adapted to various scenes,so as to facilitate the rapid development of customers' business.
Real-time Inventory
Dylam official website of the goods all displayed in real wholesale prices,at the same time,we have canceled the entry barrier of purchase and there is no MOQ limit.Entrepreneurs don’t need to hoard a lot of cash. Dylam is your powerful inventory.
Digital Exhibition Hall
Dylam Jewelry Group has established the country's first jewelry digital exhibition hall in Meilong Town, the jewelry capital of China.There are tens of thousands of SKU jewelry samples in the exhibition hall.We have equipped each product with an exclusive QR code,after scanning and entering,you will see the parameter information of the product,you can complete the order、payment、pick up process online without waiting.