Welcome to Dylam.   
A whole new chapter is about to begin

With the support of our customers, Dylam is embarking on a brand new phase. We are about to move to over 2000 square metres of office space. In the picture we show our team discussing the design of the new office. We are committed to creating a modern, comfortable, people-centred workspace that is designed to stimulate creativity and teamwork. We are committed to creating a modern, comfortable, people-centred workspace that inspires creativity and teamwork, and provides an excellent business office space for both staff and clients.

Notification of Price Changes

Dear Customer,

 Due to the sharp fluctuations in international gold and silver prices recently, The raw material and electroplating costs have undergone significant changes. We will adjust our price offer accordingly based on market conditions. The latest prices will be announced on our official website. Please pay attention to the website quotation or request the latest price catalog from our sales representative before placing an order.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Dylam team shines at Hong Kong Jewellery Show

The Hong Kong Jewellery Show has concluded in resounding success: Over the course of five exhilarating days, the Dylam team displayed their professional prowess and strong unity. Each member shone like a precious gem, contributing to a luminous chapter in our company's illustrious history. With high anticipation, we eagerly look forward to the next spectacular showcase!

Invitation of the 2024 Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair

We are pleased to announce that as a well-known jewelry factory in China, DYLAM has many years of jewelry production experience and leads the industry in innovation in production technology and management. We will participate in Asia's largest jewelry exhibition 2024 Jewelry & Gem DIGITAL WORLD Hong Kong. We invite you to visit our booth and see the stunning personalized jewelry designs and craftsmanship of DYLAM Jewelry.

We will be holding it at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from February 29th to March 4th, 2023. Our booth numbers are 5C-B20/B22 ~ 5C-C19/C21.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Hong Kong Jewelery and Gem World 2024.

Dylam welcomes the arrival of the God of Wealth.

The God of Wealth symbolizes prosperity and abundance in Chinese traditional culture.

The Dylam family warmly welcomes the God of Wealth with full enthusiasm, and also extends this joy to you. Wishing you a prosperous and financially abundant new year.

Back to Work Notice 2024.2.18

After a fully rested Chinese New Year holiday, all Dylam employees have officially returned to their work positions today. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Starting from today, transportation and production have resumed to normal operations. If you have any ordering plans or inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Dylam looks forward to working together with you in the new year to create a new chapter hand in hand.

End-of-Year Summary Meeting 2023

At the begin of 2024, the Dylam team held an annual summary meeting to review and recap the work of the past year in 2023, recognizing and commending employees who have been dedicated to their positions and passionate about their work.

Additionally, plans were made for the work in 2024, setting expectations for the continuous development of the company in the upcoming new year. Only through continuous review and improvement can we come closer to success.

Dylam family - 2024 Annual Party

This energetic and cohesive group photograph represents a cherished moment from our recent Dylam Jewelry Annual Gathering, where all employees united to create a lasting memory imbued with laughter and glory. Within this grand reunion picture, each team member radiates their distinct brilliance, merging into a potent force of cohesion that strikingly embodies the very essence of our company's team spirit and cultural fabric.

We are steadfast in our conviction that in the coming days, we will move forward together, wielding an increasingly robust team strength to generate even more illustrious accomplishments. We are dedicated to continually offering top-notch services to our esteemed global customers, jointly penning even more thrilling chapters in our unfolding story.

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Happy Lunar New Year 2024!

Everything will be new tomorrow, hope you have a beautiful start!

Please kindly noted that our Chinese New Year holiday will be from February 2nd to 17th Normal business will resume on 18th.

We are grateful for your cooperation in the year of 2023. May Joy and health be with you always!

* Due to the Chinese New Year holiday, orders placed between 2 February and 17 February 2024 will be dispatched after 18 February.

Dylam Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

Dear customers:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support.It is with great pleasure that we announce an exciting development.After more than a year of preparation,we are about to launch Dylam Smart Factory,a truly innovative jewelry manufacturing facility that incorporates Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things(IoT)technologies.With a strong emphasis on environmentally-friendly practices,the factory has been designed by the renowned international design firm,MAX,to provide you with superior quality,efficiency,and personalized service.

Equipped with state-of-the-art automated production equipment and intelligent management systems,our smart factory ensures highly efficient and intelligent manufacturing processes.Through the application of IoT technology,we have further enhanced our production capacity,significantly reducing order delivery times,allowing you to enjoy your ordered jewelry pieces even faster.What's even more exciting is that our factory is highly adaptable to small-batch customization orders,catering to your individual preferences,all while offering highly competitive prices.

We sincerely hope that these optimization measures pique your interest and provide you with better service.We believe that Dylam Smart Factory will become your preferred partner for jewelry manufacturing and customization.We look forward to embarking on this smart factory era together and creating a more delightful jewelry experience for you.

Once again,thank you for your support!

Best regards

Dylam Smart Factory Team

Welcome to the School of Design of South China Normal University to visit and study in the Dilin exhibition hall

  A delegation of faculty and students from the School of Design at South China Normal University,visited the Dylam's showroom for a study tour. 

 Inside the Dylam showroom,the students were captivated by the abundant jewelry designs and color combinations.They eagerly engaged with us in discussions on the advancements and iterations of craftsmanship techniques.After exploring the showroom,we sat down to exchange insights on design innovation. 

 It is gratifying to see these young enthusiasts maintaining their passion for jewelry design.We look forward to their future success on the international stage,where they will shine and excel.

Holiday Reminder

Dear partners, April 29th to May 3rd, 2023 is the Chinese Labor Day holiday. During this time, our delivery efficiency will be affected. If you have any order requirements, please make reasonable arrangements for the time. Thank you for your support.

During the holiday season, every one of our sales consultants will still be available to provide assistance. If you wish to change your sales consultant, please contact service@dylam.com.

Dylam Jewelry Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Group

Dylam Jewelry Group has been deeply involved in jewelry industry for many years, has accumulated a lot of practical experience, Dylam has leading jewelry manufacturing technology and digital technology.
At the meeting, Alibaba highly appreciated the outstanding contribution made by Dylam Jewelry in promoting the modernization of the jewelry industry, Alibaba Group expressed that it will join forces with Dylam Jewelry Group in the future to jointly promote the development of the industry and win-win cooperation.

The Hong Kong Jewellery Exhibition in March Ended Perfectly

Dylam Jewellery participated in the Hong Kong Jewellery Fair from March 1 to March 5, 2023 and achieved excellent results,The jewelry exhibition has an unprecedented flow of visitors. We can expect that the opening of the epidemic will usher in a new wave of prosperity for the global jewelry market. Dylam will continue to be a strong supporter of your jewelry business and we are confident about the future!

Dylam was invited to the Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair

 Since the opening of the epidemic policy in China, Dylam has been paying attention to jewelry exhibitions around the world, and was invited by the Gemstone &  Jewelry Trade Association of China to participate in the Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair on February 22, taking this opportunity to search for future fashion trends and enhance professional capabilities, to provide Dylam's customers with better products and more professional services. At the same time, Dylam will continue to work with industry peers to promote the sustainable development of the world jewelry industry.

2023 Hong Kong Jewelery Exhibition

Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition 2023 will be held from March 1st  to March 5th. We warmly welcome you to visit our booth at 5B-B13, B15.       

We sincerely looking forward to your visit.

Dylam Jewelry Group

Resume Work Notice
We are glad to inform you that shipping and production have returned to normal from now on. If you have an order plan or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

"开工大吉" means "Good luck with your work throughout the new year", this is also Dylam’s blessing to all our clients. We believe in our Chinese New Year, with our joint efforts, we will be more and more prosperous.
Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Happy Lunar New Year 2023! 

Everything will be new tomorrow, hope you have a beautiful start!

Please kindly noted that our Chinese New Year holiday will be from 15th to 28th Jan. Normal business will resume on 29th. 

We are grateful for your cooperation in the year of 2022. May Joy and health be with you always! 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2023

Thank you for your trust and support to Dylam in 2022. We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmasand all the best for the New Year! 

Dylam Team

International Silver Price Change Notice

Dear customer

Since October 2022,the price of silver in the international market has fluctuated greatly,and the increase in the past 3 months has been as high as 30%.At present,Dylam will not make price changes on the current price of silver,but if the price of silver continues to rise,we may take appropriate action. 

If you have a purchase plan in the near future,please arrange the order time reasonably. 

Thank you for your continued support of Dylam.

New Collection - Outside the Box

People always say that unique temperament can be displayed by advanced aesthetics,and suitable jewelry must be the finishing touch.

The new series is made of sterling silver 925 and high-quality 5A grade zircon.Each design incorporates classic and innovative elements,with simple lines and well-proportioned layers to bring a different look and feel.

Discover the perfect jewelry for your style.

Click to download the catalog

Important Pre-holiday Notice

Chinese New Year is around the corner,all logistice in China will stop delivery from 2023-1-11. 

Due to the oversupply of products in the peak season,the delivery time and shipping will be delayed.

In order to ensure the normal operation of your business and inventory during the holiday,please arrange your purchase plan reasonably in advance to avoid stock shortage.If you have any questions,please consult your sales consultant.

Winter Series - Love of Aurora

In the ancient Nordic legend: If a man sees an aurora borealis, his wish will come true.

Under the brilliance of ancient times and the northern lights, the stars cross 10,000 light-years to meet the aurora borealis here, just like we break through thousands of miles to find each other.

The new collection draws inspiration from the dazzling and magnificent aurora borealis, combining the elements of the 26 letters of the alphabet to form each unique individual. We hope that whoever wears this necklace, may you shine brightly and become your own Aurora. 

Click to download the catalog

The Christmas Series of 2022

I love the day of Christmas, it has a tree for me to make a wish, a  gift of candy on behalf of blessing, and a gingerbread man of simplicity and courage. 

New series of Christmas has been launched. Each design is conbined with the elements of Christmas, with be full of festive atmsphere. 

All designs are now available to order, and we look forward to meeting you. 

Click to download the catalog

Designs Inspiration of Two-tone Collection
The new collection combined with gold plated pendant and silver chain, with modern and simple artistic inspiration highlights the confidence, tenacity and gentleness of women, and embellishes the style of the neck. Check what's new on Dylam now.
Jewelry Super Warehouse Center shared with you-DYLAM
Our quality has a unified product standard, strict quality control. And collect millions of pieces of inventory to share with you in real time through the online website and the self-developed professional jewelry management system. We have advanced warehouse management capabilities and are committed to becoming a strong backing for your jewelry business.
DYLAM Jewelry Store Opening
From the initial idea to the current completion, it has collected the painstaking efforts of countless partners, and once again embodies the Dylamers' spirit of daring to think and do. It is committed to becoming a strong backing for jewelry entrepreneurs and playing a positive role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the jewelry industry.
DYLAM Jewelry Store Opening
From the initial idea to the current completion, it has collected the painstaking efforts of countless partners, and once again embodies the Dylamers' spirit of daring to think and do. It is committed to becoming a strong backing for jewelry entrepreneurs and playing a positive role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the jewelry industry.
Happy Team building Activities-DYLAM
We Just finished the business PK we set off to another city to relax camping, BBQ, bonfire party, games. Two days and one night, and we act like a close-knit big family. We firmly believe that only happy employees can provide the best service to customers!
Dylam Jewelry Exhibition Center
DYLAM Offline Store Coming soon... Our offline store is about to complete the work. The address is in a town called "China Jewelry Capital" in China. We will broadcast live and give out more discounts on the opening day, so please look forward to it.
2022 Spring- Awards Ceremony
Today is the day to present the 2022 spring awards. thank you for all colleagues for their hard work. hope you will live up to your youth and move forward bravely!
Holiday notice
Dear Partner, Due to the coming Chinese Chinese Labor Day, our logistic department will stop shipping orders from 29th April to 4th May. Shipping service will resume on 5th. If you have any doubts or order plan ahead, please contact with your sales assistance for more detials.
Parent child jewelry series
In addition to giving mother jewelry on Mother's Day, you can also choose Mom-child models for the baby and mother, so that the baby wearing the same ring as the mother is more warm and loving. Make this holiday even more meaningful!
Hardworking Dylamer
Unlike other jewelry companies, DYLAM's sales team focuses more on customer experience. We are happy to extend our working hours to accommodate different countries' time zones. This is a live photo of the business office. Can you find your sales consultant here ?
Mother's Day Special
In view of the recent delay in logistics due to the impact of the epidemic, and Mother's Day is approaching, we recommend customers to get inventory for Mother's Day sales in advance. At the same time, we have prepared limited-time discounts. If you have a stocking plan, please contact your salesperson to send the product catalog.
Update price notice
Dear customers, Due to the international silver price continues to rise, we will update the product unit price on March 11, 2022. If you have any pending order, or purchase planning,please kindly contact with your salesman to enjoy the original price before March 11th. We will also continue to pay attention to the trend of silver prices, and if there is a fall, we will make relevant adjustments in a timely manner,Thank you for your understanding.
New product forecast
The visual department is taking pictures for next week's new products. We will take a set of promotional pictures for each series of new products, in order to show customers the most beautiful effect.
please don’t hesitate to contact us
Dear Customers Have a wonderful day! We are happy to announce that we return to work from our Spring Festival Holiday with full of energetic and full confidence,we believe in 2022 will be better.If anything we can do for you,or if you have any issue & planning order & inquiry list,please don’t hesitate to contact us . We are ready to service of you at any moment, Hope that in our joint effort the 2022 will be more prosperity than ever. Cheers! From Dylamers
Thank you for your support
We are a young and energetic team. We always put customer experience and product quality first Use new technology to better help jewelry entrepreneurs As the Chinese New Year approaches, we wish you all the best in the new year
Dylam 2022 annual meeting site
Thank you for your support. In 2022, we will continue to expand our product line Provide better service for customers
Preparation before holiday
Dear clients, Our company and factory will be official holidays from 24th, Jan to 7th, Feb. On 25th, Jan, we take the whole day from early in the morning to midnight to check all our stock to make sure all our stock is correct online. During the holidays period, our sales team is still at your service if you get any doubts, or need to arrange your order ahead when we are back to work, don't hesitate to let us know, we'll lock stock and prepare for you in the first priority to arrange your orders. Thank you for all your support in 2021, we are so lucky to have you around us and grow business together. We look forward to continuing to provide you with better and more professional services in 2022. We wish you a prosperous business and a happy family!
Holiday Notice
Dear customer, Chinese traditional festival -Spring Festival (春节 – chūnjié, Spring Festival Eve on 31th, Jan ) is coming around the corner, our company and factory will be closed from 2022-1-24 to 2022-2-7, during the holidays period, our sales team is still at your service if you get any doubts, or need to arrange your order ahead when we are back to work. Thank you for all your support to Dylam in 2021, we are infinitely grateful. We look forward to continuing to provide you with better and more professional services in 2022. We wish you a prosperous business and a happy family! -- Dylamers
Our live streaming room
We will regularly participate in the live streaming to introduce the next fashion trend jewelry and super discounts.From the picture, we can see that we streaming live at 1:00 am China time, to cater to the customer’s time and applaud the hard-working colleagues. If you are interested, please contact your sales.
Merry Christmas
Christmas comes but once a year. But when it comes,it brings good cheer.We are grateful for your encounter with Dylam. 2021 is a challenging year, but we all believe that the new year will get better and better . Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. May Peace,love,and prosperity follow you always. From Dylamers
Visual Department
Our art department is retouching the new designs. Each of our styles will be repaired in high-resolution before the new design. After the retouching is completed, it will be uploaded to the website for customers to download.DYLAM's pictures are all original, if you need it, you can use it with confidence
Emoticon series
Are there any funny emojis of EMOJI that you like? Copper material, very favorable price. Suitable as a gift~ o(╥﹏╥)o
Looking for your birthstone
This is a very classic style, and we incorporate the concept of birthday. We launched rings in 12 colors.
E-commerce department gathering
The average age of our e-commerce operations team is 23 years old, and they have superb business capabilities. This group of young people often organize gatherings to relieve work pressure.If you need them, they are happy to help you solve technical problems.
Show customers real pictures
In order to show customers the appearance of real jewelry, all of our products are shot with Iphone. Our sales consultants use tea time to take product photos for customers
DYLAM grows with customers
COVID-19 has affected the business of many customers, but I believe it is only temporary. Even in the face of the epidemic, Dylam still invests a lot of money in the service experience. We hope that building this website can help customers reduce their working hours. We are constantly Optimize the website so that it can really help customers improve their work efficiency.
The Christmas series is officially on sale
We have designed a batch of new products for Christmas, and the stock is limited. If you have any needs, please contact your sales consultant
Christmas product launch
Candy colored modeling, 5A zircon and high-quality enamel technology add a trace of vitality and warm color to this cold winter. Four popular shapes are made respectively, which can match different shapes and styles. This is dylam's Christmas design for you~
Department party
The working atmosphere of DYLAM is joyful. Today, we just held an afternoon tea party. We believe only happy employees can provide good service to customers.
Quality Control Department.
Did you see the barcode scanner on the desktop? Our system requires that every piece of goods must be inspected before entering the next process. This is a special process that DYLAM has. Just to deliver you excellent quality jewelry.
Product Department.
This is the office seat of our product designers, and different designs are born from here every day. In order to make the product quality better, designers often need to make some subtle optimizations to the product.
Rest area
If you have the chance to come to China, you must come to DYLAM to try our homemade coffee. Our handsome manager or beautiful salesman will make it for you, which will make you energetic throughout the day.
Warehousing department
In order to ensure that each piece of goods is delivered to the customer accurately, our warehousing department must check the product multiple times before shipping.This is a very boring but important job .
Our Office
Take a look at our business department. Everyone has just returned from the National Day holiday and entered into a busy documentary work. . . . . , See, whatsapp pages are all opened. Everyone's daily work is carried out synchronously with mobile phones and computers.
Discuss sales
This is the manager's office. Our manager and the Business Department leader- Yuki discussed the new sales, Yuki said that this month's customers tended to be more customized.
This is the operation department
This is our operations department. These three Boys are checking the website data and the response rate and other issues.
Meeting room to discuss work
This is the meeting room. Boys and girls in the business department and the operations department are discussing their work. It can be seen that all the colleagues in the business department holding the mobile phones are responding to customer messages hahahaa…
Photographed by the Vision Department
The visual department is taking photos of new products. The model is our business colleague Hannah, a beautiful and humorous girl. We all like her.
Rest Area
Today the department bought a new coffee machine, and colleagues in the purchasing department are studying how to use it. This girl is a coffee lover. Three Boys from the operations department lined up to try her coffee hahaha
Quick Bubble Tea in Office
What do you expect our Dylam’s Afternoon Tea? Well, let’s get it a quick bubble tea this time. Cheers for? ( Whatever) Cheers for the coming formal Afternoon Tea. Promise me next time. Prepare like this: Scones, jam and cream. Freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream. ... Mini Victoria sponge cakes. ... Mini muffins. ... Cupcakes. ... Chocolate eclairs. .. .Macarons. ...
After studying Spanish class hot pot and walking
The weather is so fit for a small get-together hot pot after learning Spanish in Guangzhou. Let’s review what we’ve learned today in Spanish. Sure! Dylam first class in Spanish. Let’s begin Hola chicas! Buenas trade Muchas gracias ...... OK let’s eat first. Can’t wait!
Departmental dinner
Quality checking team are having a small eat-together to relex. After the big orders confirmed and shipped out, we finally get time to enjoy the weekend together. To refresh energy to prepare for more big orders. Yay!!!
Designer team
Eat local after work, glad that our website designs are running smoothly. 4 new online jewelry shops’ designs done! Congratulations to the upcoming websites!! We are your strong team behind website Digital Marketing