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Shipping Terms
Part 1 - Delivery Method
We provide a variety of courier companies at different prices for customers to choose from, and buyers can choose the designated cooperative logistics company for transportation.
Part 2 - Delivery Time
If the goods in the order are ready, the seller will deliver the goods within 1-2 working days after the order is confirmed. The international shipping time varies according to the destination, and generally takes about 15-20 working days.
Part 3 - Transportation Costs
The shipping cost is borne by the buyer, and the specific cost varies according to the destination, cargo weight, shipping method and other factors.
Part 4 - Take Risks
Since the seller delivers the goods to the transport company, the safety and risk of the goods are borne by the buyer.
Part 5 - Insurance Agent
If insurance is required, it can be negotiated with the seller.
Part 6 - Customs Clearance
The buyer needs to bear the import duties and customs clearance and customs declaration procedures required by the destination.
* Dylam reserves the full right to interpret this Shipping Terms